Pebble Smartwatch Unboxing

Well, it’s taken a year since the initial Kickstarter campaign to raise funds but this week I finally received one of the two Pebble smartwatches. Of course, people have received their Pebbles well before now but only in black with orange, white and grey being delayed. That said, Kickstarter backers were offered the ability to change their original choice of colour to black to expedite shipment but we weren’t interested.

In a nutshell, my wife was unable to decide whether she liked the Pebble in white or grey so we ordered one of each and she will have first pick and I’ll use the other one 🙂

However, at the time of ordering I did have an Android smartphone in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S III which would have been a perfect match for the Pebble. Now, I am using a Nokia Lumia 920 (a Windows Phone 8 handset) which is not currently supported by Pebble with no indication of changing that in the future. As a compromise, I am going to use mine with the Asus Google Nexus 7 Android tablet that I picked up recently. Sure, it doesn’t do phone calls but it will let me use the other capabilities.

Anyway, here is the unboxing video in all of its glory!

FYI – the video will be available in up to 1080p (YouTube can take a little while to process the higher resolutions) if you right click on the video and choose “Watch on YouTube” and change the resolution setting.

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