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Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2 Open Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones Unboxing

Bone Conduction Headphones

I have gone through a number of headphones over the years as I’ve either been interested in or required specific features, such as: noise-cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity (to use with my Lumia 1520), built-in microphone, software integration with other peripherals (i.e. keyboard and mouse). My Logitech UE9000 headphones seemed to easily cover all of those features …

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iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Charging Car Mount Review

Side view of the iOttie car mount where the USB cable is attached

Introduction Again, I want to thank MobileZap for sending out the iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Charging car mount for me to review on my blog. This car mount was one of a number of solutions physically and technically suitable for my new Nokia Lumia 1520 – this is just one of the wider range of wireless chargers on …

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Incoming Gadget – Qi Wireless Charger

Back in December I was looking at Qi wireless chargers and finally decided to pull the trigger on two of them. They aren’t official Nokia chargers which at $100 a pop for the Fatboy pillows I found a bit steep but for two for under $60 I thought that was a better deal. I bought these …

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Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Unboxing & Preview

A few days ago I shared my lament of the partial death of my Logitech G9x mouse and my selection of the Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse as its successor. As usual, I have managed to do an unboxing video and merged it with a preview of the mouse itself at the same time. The major differences between the …

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Demysti-Fi Wi-Fi

  Wi-Fi has been one of those conveniences that has been around for a little while now but with an increasing number of Wi-Fi standards you could be forgiven for not understanding some of the key differences (including speed and connection requirements) between them all. Currently, we have four Wi-Fi standards with another one on …

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Disable Keyless Entry Before Going on Holiday

Most cars still utilise traditional turn key locks in rider to restrict access and usage but a growing number of vehicles employ the use of keyless entry mechanisms such as the Toyota Prius and certain Lexus and BMW vehicles amongst others. Such systems usually include push button locking and the ability to start the vehicle …

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Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer Unboxing

Earlier this week I received my eagerly anticipated Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer from the USA via my mail forwarder of choice, comGateway. With our dollar being at parity with the USD it was quite affordable at US$99 plus delivery. Anyway, as is customary with new gadgets, I have made an unboxing video to give you …

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NBN – Proceed at One Quarter Impulse, Ensign

Well, after 17 days in political limbo (and a period in which it could be argued that Australia saw more prosperity without an active government) it seems that Labor has scraped in. Some people are thrilled, others disappointed and some are still crying out for another vote. Whatever your point of view, this certainly is …

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Australia Needs More Free Wi-Fi

Throughout our travels during our holiday I have noticed that other countries tend to have far more generous coverage when it comes to Wi-Fi access. Many hotel lobbies and rooms will include some form of access (be it paid or free) and even trains and buses here in Europe have complimentary Wi-Fi. Airports are also …

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