The Modern Convenience of Wireless Charging

Since picking up my Nokia Lumia 920 I’ve not actually taken advantage of the wireless charging capabilities native to the device. A while ago I did write about the fact that I was checking out Qi wireless chargers and then eventually selected one off eBay given the relatively high cost of the official Nokia chargers.

Even in Singapore, the Fatboy wireless charger was AU$100 which seemed a bit excessive for something that I viewed as a minor convenience but perhaps bordered on laziness on my part.

Anyway, after having used these chargers at home and work for about a week I have to say that wireless charging is very convenient despite the drawback of slightly slower recharging. The wireless charger means that I have one less cable cluttering up the desk and after I had gotten into the habit of putting my phone on the wireless charging pad I’ve not really given it another thought.

Perhaps another benefit from an ergonomic point of view is that when I need to answer a call or use the phone for whatever reason I don’t have a cord hanging off the bottom of the phone. Sure, I could put up with it (and I could do it quite easily) but the convenience of being able to pick up the phone and go and then whack the phone back down on the charging pad is hard to ignore.

All in all, if you’re thinking of using wireless charging for your compatible device then you might want to check out eBay for a cheaper option that will do the trick.

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