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No Static IP? Use DynDNS!

Some of us aren’t blessed (or perhaps cursed depending how you look at it) with a static IP address. For me, it’s a blessing that I do have one because I can run a whole bunch of servers (for VoIP, web servers, TF2 and VPN for instance) without having to keep updating an IP address. …

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Skype Beta – Five-Way Video Calling Released

A little while back, I wrote about Skype and how it is great for free, high quality voice and video calls to other people that also use the Skype service. This week, Skype released a beta version of Skype into the wild that is capable of five-way video calling which is up from the usual …

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Subsonic – Free Streaming Music

A few days ago, a friend of mine (thanks Mark!) brought a fantastic piece of software to my attention. It’s called Subsonic and it basically allows you to stream your music collection over the Internet to a streaming capable device. You’ll need a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to act as the streaming server and …

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