IPTV – The Future of Multicast Content Delivery

At home in our living room, we have our LCD TV hooked up to the Foxtel IQ2 (which is a fantastic device by the way) but there are times when we both want to watch something at the same time and time shifting is simply not an option. One such case tonight was when I …

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Circuit vs Packet Switched Networks – Packets are the Future

Having studied data network and telecommunications concepts and principles at university, I know the difference between circuit and packet switched networks but I suspect that the regular person on the street does not have the same level of knowledge or awareness. As such, I thought I would flesh this out a bit so that people …

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Video Disc Rental – Extinction by 2020?

Today I came across an article in The Australian outlining the downgrade of Blockbuster credit rating to a level just above default in USA. The article also went on to detail cooperative marketing efforts between the Hollywood studios and the major cable operators to promote video-on-demand services. Bringing things back home to Australia within the …

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