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Erratic Electricity – The Silent Killer

UPS Utility (Categorised Breakdown)

Earlier today, my mother-in-law experienced a power outage as the result of some heavy storms in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Depending where you live, blackouts can be a rare occurrence or they could be a more regular inconvenience. Certainly, what many people don’t realise is that the electricity coming through the socket …

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Portable Applications – A Convenient Necessity

Have you found yourself using a computer that doesn’t have the applications you need or is locked down to the point where you can’t install anything? I’ve come across this a few times and more often than not they have an Internet connection that is rather slow making application downloads agonising. For a while now, …

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Windows 7 – No Worries Mate!

I thought I would post about Windows 7 given that in two weeks time, the Release Candidate version (which I happen to run on my desktop) will start shutting down every two hours until it expires on 01/06/2010. I backup my computer daily so for me to format and reinstall isn’t such a big deal …

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