Sometimes Firefox Needs a Manual Upgrade

Here’s a quick reminder for the Firefox users out there.

Sometimes when you are using an instance of Firefox that is a couple of  versions off the pace you won’t receive the automatic prompts to upgrade to the latest version. Instead, you’ll receive notices to upgrade to the point updates for the major release you are on (unless Mozilla change tings on their end to force you to upgrade).

Seeing as Firefox 6 is now out, it’s probably a good idea to check what version you are using and, if necessary (and desired), upgrade. It’s worth noting that Mozilla has no qualms in discontinuing support for older versions of Firefox which means you won’t receive security updates when those nasty security holes are inevitably uncovered. At the time of writing the only supported versions of Firefox are 3.6.x (latest is 3.6.20) and the latest 6.0 version.

Still, Firefox continues to have a problem with memory bloat which is slated to be fixed in Firefox 7.0 but I am yet to notice it in the Aurora builds (currently the browser is using 600MB of RAM with just six tabs open). I would use Google Chrome more often but I don’t fancy Google getting more information that it needs from me.

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