Indirect Twitter Integration in Mango Update for Windows Phone

One of the great features of Windows Phone 7 is its ability to integrate with social networking services such as Facebook directly through the phone and other services such as YouTube, WordPress LinkedIn through your Windows Live account to your Windows Phone.

Of course, the most glaring omission at the moment is Twitter. Sure, you can install the Twitter app from the Marketplace but it lacks any integration with the phone compared to Facebook. Well, it looks like the Mango update might offer some sort of solution at least in part.

Test Tweet from the Official Windows Phone 7 Twitter Account

Test Tweet from the Official Windows Phone 7 Twitter Account

Now, some other sites are drumming up this up as full blown integration of Twitter into the operating system but I am a little pessimistic. The fact that under this test message it says “Windows Phone (via Windows Live) tends to indicate to me that the associated Windows Live account is linked to Twitter and not the phone directly to Twitter. If this message were sent directly from the phone to Twitter we wouldn’t have seen the “(via Windows Live)” qualification.

Until developers can actually get their hands one of on the latest builds and confirm what the deal is I guess we are left to speculate what is actually going but I’m sticking with my point of view until then.

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