Incoming Gadget – Qi Wireless Charger

Back in December I was looking at Qi wireless chargers and finally decided to pull the trigger on two of them. They aren’t official Nokia chargers which at $100 a pop for the Fatboy pillows I found a bit steep but for two for under $60 I thought that was a better deal.

I bought these ones off eBay and unlike a good number of them they have micro USB ports which gives me the flexibility to charge off a computer or an AC charger with USB ports on them. These chargers will charge more slowly given that they top out at 5V/1A output compared to the official Nokia charger offering 12V/0.75A but given that my phone recharges recharge off USB I’m not going to be much worse off.

Anyway, stay tuned and I will do a quick video to show you one and how it works 🙂

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