How to Quickly Wipe a Device

This may seem obvious once pointed out but sometimes old habits die hard.

Sometimes you might have a USB stick full of stuff that you are transferring from one computer to another as it is the most convenient method for the job. However, once those files have been copied over you would probably want to free up the space on your USB stick to use for other stuff.

If you want to free up the entire space you could just open up the drive in Windows Explorer (or File Explorer in Windows 8), select everything and hit delete and that would work a treat. However, if there are lots and lots of files it could often be slower compared to doing a quick format of the device particularly if the files are very small.

Warning – proceeding with a format will wipe the device of all files and folders!

It’s very easy to do a quick format as follows:

  1. Hit Win + E on the keyboard,
  2. Right click the drive you wish to quick format,
  3. Select Format,
  4. In the new windows, make sure Quick Format is ticked,
  5. Click Start to kick it off.

This could save you a stack of time particularly if you do this sort of activity quite frequently.

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