Bringing USB 3.0 to Higher Power Levels

Just a heads up that if you have USB 3.0 as a prerequisite for new devices then you might want keep your eyes peeled for a new revision to the specification.

At the moment, USB 3.0 ports are limited to outputting 10 Watts (a combination of 5 Volts @ 2 Amps) but with the new revision (also confusingly called USB 3.0) this is cranked up to 100 Watts (20 Volts @ 5 Amps). There will be a number of power profiles available for various devices to utilise in addition to the legacy VA combo for smartphone and tablet charging.

This opens up the possibility of charging many devices without dedicated power cables which could be useful if you have a laptop charging off mains power and you want to use a more substantial external hard drive and other devices.

Another thing to note is that USB 3.0 SuperSpeed will also be ramped up to 10Gbps from 5Gbps – whilst not as fast as what Thunderbolt can pump through its bus USB might still have the edge given its widespread popularity to date.

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