R18+ Video Games – One Step Closer

Yesterday, it was announced that John Rau will be the new Attorney-General after controversial incumbent, Michael Atkinson, stepped down from the position earlier this week. Reports have surfaced that the Gamers4Croydon party president, Chris Prior, had met with the new AG and had received a positive response to an R18+ rating being established for video games.

I’m not holding my breath at the moment as we all know that the wheels of political change turn more slowly for the better when compared to watching grass grow. Apparently, a review of an R18+ rating is on the cards for the next AG meeting later next month and I am sure there would be many people that would be waiting with interest with regard to the outcomes.

I am sure that we will hear cries of “won’t somebody think of the children?”. Certainly, I think that there needs to be consideration given to how games classified as R18+ can be accessed and controls around how that would work but it should not prevent the approval of the classification being provisioned.

As an aside, I think it might also be worthwhile that there be a review of the way Attorneys-General work with regard to making legislative changes across the country. This issue in particular was held up because one single person could veto a proposed change. I’m not sure a move to majority voting is the best alternative either but I wonder what else would be feasible in such a situation.

Keep your eyes and ears open, people!

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