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Know Your International Power Plugs Before Travel

Earlier in the year I wrote about choosing the right power socket when there may be multiple voltage sockets present – this will usually be in hotels when abroad but you might find them in other places. However, you may still need to consider the physical plug in use at your destination and whether or …

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Choosing the Right Power Socket When Multiple Voltages are Present

Here’s a quick tip. Hotels in some countries can offer power sockets of varying voltages in the same room which may leave you scratching your head as to which one to use before you’ve even cracked out the adapters. Well, it’s pretty simple – use the socket that provides the maximum voltage compatible with the …

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Make an iPad Work with an iPod Speaker Dock

A quick tip for tonight. Over the years, many of us would have invested in iPod and iPhone compatible accessories of which some of the most expensive would be speaker docks. In a pre-iPad world things would just plug and play and there would be limited concerns about compatibility and interoperability of your favourite Apple …

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