Make an iPad Work with an iPod Speaker Dock

A quick tip for tonight.

Over the years, many of us would have invested in iPod and iPhone compatible accessories of which some of the most expensive would be speaker docks. In a pre-iPad world things would just plug and play and there would be limited concerns about compatibility and interoperability of your favourite Apple media device and a speaker dock.

Then, of course, the iPad made its appearance and there way no way you would be able to shove an iPad in your existing speaker dock (short of selling it and buying a new one which Apple and the manufactures would love).

As in most cases, if you find yourself in this sort of a pickle and adapter or extender can help out and this situation is no exception. eBay has a range of extension cables and extender adapter that are compatible with the 30 pin Apple dock connector at very cheap prices (most under $10). Extension cables and adapters are also great when your iPhone or iPod case is too large and makes it impossible to dock your device without removing the cover.

It’s a cheap way to continue using your existing gear and more attractive than forking out for new kit.

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