Know Your International Power Plugs Before Travel

Earlier in the year I wrote about choosing the right power socket when there may be multiple voltage sockets present – this will usually be in hotels when abroad but you might find them in other places. However, you may still need to consider the physical plug in use at your destination and whether or not you need an adapter to get your devices to receive some juice.

Most countries will be covered by four plug types with voltages ranging from 110V to 240V with some minor variances for the same plug type (usually 10V to 20V). Some countries may have multiple voltages (such as Japan and Indonesia) so it pays to ensure that you aren’t left unable to access electricity for your devices.

Anyway, to make things simpler you can check out this infographic at NRMA which outlines the various power requirements for ten popular holiday destinations for Australians as well as whether or not you require an adapter. You should take particular note of Indonesia and China and the corresponding footnotes.

You can save yourself some fuss with running out of power adapters by packing a power board to provide a bit more flexibility in the number of devices that can be charged simultaneously.

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