Google “Plus One” – A Human Factor in Search?

In what looks like a potential emulation of the concept of “liking” something on Facebook, Google quietly rolled the ability to “+1” (or “plus one”) a piece of content you might come across on the internet in the last few months. Furthermore, it also allows your searches to be enriched (or potentially polluted depending how you look at it) by the recommendations of your social circle. You can even expose the list of your +1 sites on your Google profile as well if you prefer.

Anyway, I have added Google +1 to the blog so if you fancy a particular article then please feel free to click the +1 button. It’s great for me to know the sort of things you are interested in. Also, it saves you having to post if you don’t have anything you didn’t want to share but thought it was worth noting for later reference. The downside of Facebook is that you can’t search the list of things you have liked whilst with Google +1 you can at least find a list of your +1s in your Google profile. You can find the list at and then click “+1’s”.

It’s worth noting that people in your Google Talk, your My Contacts group in Google Contacts and people you following Google Reader and Google Buzz will be able to see your recommendations so be careful what you “+1”.

To view Google’s presentation on the +1 button click here.

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