Task Manager Under Windows 8

Task Manager has been one of those handy things since Windows NT to kill off applications and processes that are consuming too much of a system’s resources and has evolved over the years to become more sophisticated. With that in mind, people may be shocked with what is initially presented to them under Windows 8.

Windows 8 - Task Manager

Windows 8 - Task Manager

Where did all the performance statistics and process lists go?

In the name of simplicity, all of the regular stats have been hidden away but if you want to uncover them all it’s just a matter of clicking on “More details”.

Windows 8 - Task Manager (Detailed)

Windows 8 - Task Manager (Detailed - Processes)

As you can see, the stats are visible once again but have received significant cosmetic attention including colour-coding indicating the leel of resource utilisation by process. This is a great alternative to find out what is bogging down your system at a glance.

Windows 8 - Task Manager (Detailed - Performance)

Windows 8 - Task Manager (Detailed - Performance)

The performance tab has also received a significant update with the green graph(s) now replaced by a larger pastel version. On systems with larger number of cores the graphs will be replaced by colour-coded numeric readouts instead. You can see how this works with a 160 logical core computer here.

So, it’s Task Manager just not quite as we know it, Jim 🙂

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