Search for Apps Quickly in Windows 8

Here’s a short and sharp tip tonight for those cutting their teeth on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

While the full screen Metro interface looks pretty you could potentially find yourself overwhelmed when trying to find an app when you have many more installed as time progresses. You can group applications into logical groups but there will come a point when scrolling around becomes annoying.

Thanksfully, there’s an easy way to find your app – just start typing the name of the app on the Start screen. As you type the list of apps will shrink as your search terminology becomes more specific. Make sure avoid typos though as the search isn’t smart enough to correct or offer up a close match. Disappointingly, you must type the name of the name exactly from the start of its name and the search won’t pick up fragments of an app name (so typing “inanc” won’t match against the “Finance” app).

With that in mind, you can shave time off finding and opening apps with this handy shortcut.

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