Microsoft Too Cocky Over Windows Phone 7?

This would have gone under the radar in mainstream news today Microsoft employees marched through the Redmond campus with two hearses – one for iPhone and the other for BlackBerry. You can read more about it at Neowin where you can see a collection of photos from the event (as well as their own version of the Thriller dance).

I guess the question this raises for me is whether or not this sort of confidence is premature or an indication of things to come. Without having had a physical device to review for myself I am a little bit behind the eight ball but from the various preview videos I have seen floating around it does look to be very slick for a first release. It was the reboot that Windows Mobile had to endure to create the relevance for Microsoft in the mobile space with Windows Phone 7.

The battle is about to begin and Apple has already played its hand for the year. Apple’s response would come around about June 2011 whilst a flurry of Windows Phone devices enter the market from a variety of manufacturers including HTC, HP, Samsung and Sony who are by no means minor players in the mobile space. BlackBerry is also losing some traction especially as several countries are imposing restrictions on the encryption used of the devices and forcing RIM to host servers within the respective countries to support wire-tapping laws.

I think Microsoft is on a winner but there are other things to consider such as the cautious economic mood around the world – price points will be critical. I don’t think they should be dancing in the streets just yet but should retain some quiet confidence in their new creation.

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