Find a Tech Bargain on Your Travels

On my walk around Kowloon yesterday evening I noticed a lot of places selling all sorts of electronics, such as mobile phones (including the iPhone 4), the iPad (which I believe is on the verge of being released in Hong Kong), cameras, laptops and media players.

Traveling is always a good opportunity to find a bargain especially when your own currency is strong and you can claim back eligible taxes on your departure. Some countries and currencies are better than others so you should do your homework before splurging.

There are some things to consider nonetheless. Don’t forget that you can be slugged for duty when you go back home depending on the value of the goods. Also, be mindful that your warranty rights may also be affected if you buy from particular regions or if manufacturers do not offer a true global warranty. In these cases, you could end up having to pay for expensive shipping back to the country of purchase (or country of original of purchase in the case of grey imports) and attempting to communicate to non-English speaking people to make your claim.

So be careful. Whilst a bargain may seem fantastic in the shop make sire you give it some consideration before you to the plunge.

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