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May 20 2013

Easy Facebook Share Thumbnail Update Woes

Just an observation for other users of WordPress out there who use the Easy Facebook Share Thumbnail plugin. It seems that my instance is stuck on Version 1.8.2 with the offer to update to 1.9.5-UPDATE. Kicking off the update seems to go through fine but the update notification never clears nor does the version number update. …

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May 11 2013

Moving to Disqus – A Very Long, Painful, False Start

If you regularly visit the blog then you might have noticed that I have changed the comments to use Disqus instead of the standard WordPress commenting system. I liked the idea of comment integration and the ability to continue discussions on other sites and thought I’d give it a try. Signing up for an account …

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Aug 02 2012

WP Super Cache and RSS

If you run your own blog and traffic starts to pick up a little bit then you may have been recommended to use something called WP Super Cache. I thought I might try it out to see if there was going to be much benefit for this blog given the increase in traffic it has …

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Oct 25 2011

How Big is Your Klout?

Klout Score Analysis

There are many social websites these days that it can often be hard to keep track of which ones you partake in and perhaps to what extent you may be influenced by them or how much you influence others. This can be largely subjective unless you have captured every bit of information you have shared …

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Nov 17 2010

About.me – Your Personal Splash Page

These days, we have all sorts of social networking sites carving out their part of the internet and vying for your precious time. Facebook is one of the big hitters along with Twitter for the vast majority of people but others sites such as LinkedIn and Foursquare also have their uses in amongst everything else …

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Nov 01 2010

Track Your Activity With the Fitbit

If you had a look at the title of this blog entry you might be wondering what exactly is a “Fitbit”. I actually came across this little gadget that I hope will help keep me honest and on track with some weight loss. The fitbit looks a bit like one of them Bluetooth earpieces that …

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Jul 05 2010

Backup Your Facebook, Twitter and Blog with Backupify

Are there some things that you have uploaded to a social medium that you don’t have stored anywhere else? Perhaps you are implicitly relying on Facebook and Twitter remaining operational so that all those funny comments, memorable photos, shared links and event calendars are not lost? If you have been following this blog for a …

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