How Big is Your Klout?

There are many social websites these days that it can often be hard to keep track of which ones you partake in and perhaps to what extent you may be influenced by them or how much you influence others. This can be largely subjective unless you have captured every bit of information you have shared or created such as:

  • all of your tweets/posts/photos/videos/etc,
  • the people with whom you interact and how often,
  • the subjects about which you converse most,
  • people who share or respond to your content.
Well, there is a neat service called Klout which aims to provide some clarity about your social influence in the digital world.


All you need to do is sign in with your Twitter or Facebook account to get started. Don’t worry, they won’t steal your credentials but instead use a token-based method of authenticating against these websites instead of doing their own credential management. Once signed up, you should add some of the other social media sites you use such as:
  • Blogger,
  • Facebook,
  • Flickr,
  • Foursquare,
  • Google Plus,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Tumblr,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube.
You may not see the results of adding these services to your Klout profile immediately but in a day or two it should look something like this:
Klout Profile

Klout Profile

You can see who you influence, influential topics and a “Klout Score” which is a score out of 100 that attempts to measure your level of influence. There’s a stack of other stats like “true reach” (number of people you influence), “amplification” (how much you influence people to respond to or share your content) and “network” (how influential are the people in your “true reach”). To boot, you can even drill down by topic, influencer and list and you can learn more about your “Klout style” in reference to others.
Klout Score Analysis

Klout Score Analysis

Being a numbers guy I love this sort of stuff.
So check it out and see how your numbers stack up. You might find some interesting tidbits of information unearthed by using Klout and seeing how exactly you influence others online and how you are influenced in turn by the people that you follow.


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