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A More Efficient Way to Watch Media

A growing number of people own a digital recorder of some sort be it a TiVo, Foxtel IQ or an Optus MeTV for the convenience of being able to record content for later viewing but there is another benefit to owning such a device which can be overlooked. These days, live television shows are notorious …

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Get the Most Out of Your PVR

Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) are becoming more common these days in the form of things like the TiVo, Optus MeTV and the Foxtel IQ and IQ2 devices just to name a few. The ability to record and timeshift content is a great convenience when there are regular programming clashes involving the shows you really want …

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Placeshift Your TV with Slingbox

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had my eye on a new gizmo (apart from the iPhone 4 which I will unbox, preview and review). It’s called “Slingbox” and allows you to rebroadcast input video to another device at home or over the Internet. Various inputs may include (but not necessarily limited to): …

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