A More Efficient Way to Watch Media

A growing number of people own a digital recorder of some sort be it a TiVo, Foxtel IQ or an Optus MeTV for the convenience of being able to record content for later viewing but there is another benefit to owning such a device which can be overlooked.

These days, live television shows are notorious for running over their allotted time (deliberately or otherwise) and as a series gets closer to the end of its run the more each episode is filled with (subjectively) rubbish content in addition to ads. You might be surprised to find that a two hour show may contain as little as twenty minutes of meaningful content while the rest is gushing from mentors or judges, ads, lower-tier celebrities making promotional performances, more ads, cameos from eliminated contestants and some more ads.

However, what if you want to watch something live?

If you can exercise some patience the best thing to do is start recording the live show and watch something else for about half to two-thirds the duration of the live show. Then, flick over to your recording and start watching from the beginning and fast forward through all the guff. You’ll not only save a stack of time skipping past irrelevant content (which could be used watching something else afterwards) but you’ll also minimise the chance of ruining the outcome if you inadvertently catch something on Twitter or Facebook (so don’t check these things if you are going to use this tip!).

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