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Setup Foxtel IQ or Foxtel IQ2 with the Vulkano Flow

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out the unboxing video of the Vulkano Flow over here which went up yesterday. Of course, unboxing it is one thing but setting it up is an entirely different matter. In Australia, the odds are that you’ll set this up with a Foxtel IQ or Foxtel IQ2 as …

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Troubleshooting Your Foxtel IQ2

This evening, it appears that our Foxtel IQ2 cable box died after exhibiting some strange behaviour in the form of: inability to time shift live television (the show on screen would pause but could not be unpaused), recorded content would not playback, restarting or resetting the unit would eventually result in the box going back …

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Get the Most Out of Your PVR

Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) are becoming more common these days in the form of things like the TiVo, Optus MeTV and the Foxtel IQ and IQ2 devices just to name a few. The ability to record and timeshift content is a great convenience when there are regular programming clashes involving the shows you really want …

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