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Second Generation Toyota Prius – Interrupted Rear View Camera Viewing

Despite owning a second generation Toyota Prius for nearly four years now I’ve not experienced this issue until this week. When you put a Prius into reverse gear the touch screen automatically switches to the rear view camera. This has always worked well for me however when a phone call comes in and your phone …

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Recycling Options at Officeworks

Today, I went out to Officeworks to pick up a few things (printer cartridges, paper and some plastic sleeves but I could have easily have come back with half the st0re). For a while now, Officeworks has stopped offering plastic bags as part of the corporate social¬†responsibility¬†initiatives which is fine when you only pick up …

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ReGadget: A Way to Offload Unwanted Devices

Today, I had a new follower on Twitter under the moniker of “ReGadget”. As the name might suggest, this company is looking to buy old gadgets for cash like mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and games consoles amongst other things. Their website is still under development at the moment (although their Facebook page says …

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