Second Generation Toyota Prius – Interrupted Rear View Camera Viewing

Despite owning a second generation Toyota Prius for nearly four years now I’ve not experienced this issue until this week.

When you put a Prius into reverse gear the touch screen automatically switches to the rear view camera. This has always worked well for me however when a phone call comes in and your phone is connected via Bluetooth this is where problems arise.

Ideally, once the rear view camera has been engaged it should stay engaged until the Prius is shifted out of reverse gear. However, a phone call will take over the entire display which can be inconvenient and perhaps unsafe if you are maneuvering in a very tight or obstacle rich environment. In my mind, this is a huge flaw and unnecessarily compromises safety.

Hopefully, this is addressed in the 2012 Toyota Prius and this will be one of the first things I will check out. If you’re vehicle has both Bluetooth hands free telephony and a reverse camera then this might be worth checking out for yourself just in case.

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