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Solving TLS Timeouts in FileZilla

Here’s something that I had observed today. When attempting to connect to my webhost today I found that it would accept my username and password however, when initiating TLS, it would timeout even though my website was up and I had seemingly reliable connectivity to my webhost. In order to resolve this problem I tried …

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FTP and the Difference Between ASCII and Binary Modes

Notepad Binary Code

Edit: Thanks to Brian Layman for picking up some horrible errors on my part on the below 🙂 A slightly more technical article for today. For those of you who use FTP every now and then along with FTP client software such as FileZilla or the command line FTP utility that comes with Windows you …

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Free Your Android Device of the USB Cable with SwiFTP

Here’s a quick tip for those who are prone to losing, misplacing or hate using cables. There’s a great app called SwiFTP (a contracted form of “Swift FTP”) which basically install a compact FTP server on your phone.  Then you can connect to it using your favourite FTP client (such as FileZilla) and drag and …

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