Desktop Apps for Windows RT

It didn’t take long for desktop apps to be ported over to the ARM-based Windows RT operating system soon after an exploit was found to remove the artificial restriction imposed by Microsoft.

Anyway, there is a growing number of apps available over at XDA Developers, including:

  • 7Zip,
  • Audacity,
  • DOSBox,
  • KeePass Portable,
  • Notepad++,
  • OpenTTD (one of my favourite games),
  • PuTTY (SSH?Telnet client),
  • Quake,
  • Quake 2.

You will of course require the RT Jailbreak Tool also from XDA Developers to get some desktop app action going so check out the thread there for instructions on how to install it as well as the download link.

You should remember though that the “jailbreak” will only last until you reboot the device at which point you’ll have to run the jailbreak script again to access the desktop apps.

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