Don’t Skimp on Protecting Your Smartphone

Smartphones aren’t cheap, particularly  the good ones which tend to be the most popular. While many do go on twelve or twenty four month contracts and pay off the cost of the phone over those periods of time you’re still left with the bill should anything happen to your smartphone in terms of damage. Of course, there is always mobile phone insurance available from your carrier but you then face the prospect of being without your phone for an unknown period of time and forking out an excess.

As with many things, prevention is better than a cure.

When you get your brand new phone you really should consider getting a case or cover for it to protect it from those accidental drops, bumps and knocks. The mobile shops will have a selection for the more popular phones but can cost you a little bit at twenty to thirty dollars a pop. Of course, eBay is a haven for all sorts of cheap cases with free delivery so you should also give that a look as well.

Generally, I recommend a soft case that will cover the back of the phone completely and also holds on to the front of the smartphone by means of a lip around the rim. This lip will help provide some clearance from the ground should you drop the phone and it falls screen first. Two millimetres can make all the difference between a smashed screen and a screen still intact. Soft cases will also help absorb the impact of a drop compared to those thin shell cases that will help prevent scratches and dents but transfer most of the shock into the phone after a drop.

So don’t skimp on a case for your smartphone – it’ll be cheaper than the insurance excess and also save you from scrounging around for a backup phone.

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