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The Evolution of Television and Print Media Advertising

Just an observation that my wife made today when watching television this evening. I remember growing up as a kid that we would have phone numbers flashing on the screen and even some phone numbers sung as part of the jingle so it stuck in your head (like the ABC Shop was 008 02 33 …

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Reverse Engineering the Coles Fuel Voucher Barcodes

Expired Special Offer Voucher

Sometimes when you are dealing with technology you come across things with little documentation and the source code is not commented. In such cases it can take a significant investment of time and effort to work out how something works before modifications and improvements can be designed and implemented. The ability to reverse engineer and …

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Electronic Cinema Ticketing – Fantastic When it Works

Earlier today, the wife and I went and saw “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (which had the original title of “Men Who Hate Women) and as usual we booked our tickets online so we could “jump the queue” at the box office. More often than not, I really dislike the notion of having to …

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