The Evolution of Television and Print Media Advertising

Just an observation that my wife made today when watching television this evening.

Twinings television advertisement

Twinings television advertisement

I remember growing up as a kid that we would have phone numbers flashing on the screen and even some phone numbers sung as part of the jingle so it stuck in your head (like the ABC Shop was 008 02 33 33 and 1300 655506 for The Reading Writing Hotline). You might also have gotten the physical address of the business as well but not much more than that.

More recently, website addresses have replaced or appeared alongside phone numbers in television and print media ads but what is start to happen is the presence of Facebook and Twitter addresses as well (as shown above). Social media is quite a prominent channel for customer interaction and feedback these days and the publicity can make or break a business quickly. Like it or hate it but it is very difficult for companies to ignore these new feedback channels despite traditional communication methods of telephone and snail mail still remaining in use.

Another addition I have seen more in print media is the use of 2D barcodes in ads so people can scan it with a smartphone and go straight to a website without having to type anything – quite handy..Other parts of the world are more advanced in the use of 2D barcodes such as Japan where almost every ad billboard in the street has a 2D barcode on it.

I wonder what other changes we will see in the coming decade?

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