My Thoughts on the Pebble Smartwatch

The smartwatch is the next potential battleground for smart devices and the Pebble seemed to garner significant interest ahead of the big name manufacturers getting on board in a major way. Particularly, with smartphones getting larger screens approaching a whopping six inches I could see the benefit in having a smartwatch paired with a smartphone as it would save the trouble of taking out and putting back into your pocket a massive phone.

Anyway, a few weeks ago my Pebble met an unfortunate fate. The screen ceased to work properly after a minor bump against a table whilst at dinner. I would have expected that it be sturdy enough to survive such an incident but has certainly given me cause to reconsider using the Pebble. That said, to Pebble’s credit they did replace the unit for me at no charge so I can’t fault them for being able to stand behind their product.

My major gripe with the Pebble is that aside from custom watch faces there isn’t a lot more you can do with it. Maybe I’ve not looked hard enough for the killer apps for the Pebble but really the Pebble serves as a secondary screen for your smartphone to review notifications. You can’t do things such as make and receive phone calls via the Pebble nor dictate messages which the Kreyos smartwatch promises to deliver when it is released. However, the Pebble is waterproof which is a bonus.

The other gripe I had was the quality of finish of the watch. I ordered a grey one and in one corner of the face you could some streaking presumably at the site of the injection mould. Personally, I could live with it but there would be others that would find it a bit of a detractor but maybe something keeping in mind.

As it stands, my replacement Pebble is still in its box and I am uncertain if I will open it. I really wanted to love it and for a first generation product it was a good attempt but the innovation before the initial release didn’t really eventuate. It’s disappointing that the hardware is limited in what it can do and interest in developing for the Pebble has been akin to a light simmer.

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