Looking at Alternative ISPs

We’ve had a few issues with our TPG internet connection lately mainly related to congestion in the evenings which is when we tend to use our internet connection most. I’ve reset and tweaked our ADSL modem numerous times in an effort to fix things up which has been an interesting exercise to say the least. For the time being, I’ve found a partial solution in capping our outbound internet traffic to 80% of the connection speed. I’ll have to see how well this works as we head into peak period again.

Anyway, it can’t hurt to look at other options just in case the problems persist and at the moment the following ISPs are on the shortlist:

  • iiNet,
  • Internode,
  • Jiva (a no frills brand of iiNet),
  • Telstra BigPond (specifically cable internet).

I am weighing up the various pros and cons of each including download/upload speeds, static IP address availability (IPv4 and IPv6) and bundling options. I am not really too concerned about the quality of technical support as I can do most of that stuff myself.

Anyway, if you want to share experiences with me about your current or past ISPs then feel free to share as it has been a while since I’ve checked things out!

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