Check for Updates After Upgrading to Windows 8.1

Another short and sweet tip.

With the general availability of Windows 8.1 almost upon us it is worth reminding everyone that if you already have Windows 8 then this is a free upgrade for you available via the Windows Store. Before you can execute the upgrade you may have to install some updates via Windows Update that properly prepare your system. If you have automatic updates enabled then these should already be installed but to be on the safe side you should do a manual check for updates via Windows Update.

Anyway, once you have upgraded to Windows 8.1 then you might think that’s the end of the line as far as updating for the time being. You could be forgiven for thinking this but there are already a slew of updates for Windows 8.1 with most notably something called General Availability Rollup A or GA Rollup A for short.

Strictly speaking, GA Rollup A doesn’t do much to change the cosmetic appearance of Windows 8.1 but it does tweak quite a number of things under the hood. I’d have to hazard a guess that these would be performance and perhaps security optimisations after the code base was baselined for the RTM (release to manufacturing stage).

So, once you upgrade in about a week then just nudge Windows Update to make sure you get any other updates including GA Rollup A to ensure that you haven’t missed anything and ensure that your system performs as it should.

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