Get a Firefox OS Smartphone

If you’re curious to try out Firefox OS but don’t fancy trying to shoehorn it into an existing device then the next best option might be to get a new device with this OS already on it. You may think that this could break the bank but you can actually get a device fairly cheaply.

If you have a look at this page on Mozilla then there are a few links to pickup a ZTE Open from eBay for under UA$100. Whilst it isn’t an Android phone or iPhone it is potentially affordable for most people. Plus, if you’re just after a cheap phone that will make calls, text messages and web browsing then this could fill the gap rather nicely.

I’m not planning to pick up a handset for myself but for under $100 it is a price point that could easily pique the curiosity of techies. The ZTE Open handset itself may not be fantastic but enough to give you a feel for it.

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