Check Eligibility for the Family Energy Rebate

This is for those of you with families in New South Wales.

Whilst keeping an eye on your household energy consumption is perhaps the best solution to reduce your power bill you can get some extra help in counteracting the cost by checking if you are eligible for the Family Energy Rebate.

You can have a look at the Family Energy Rebate page at the NSW Government Trade & Investment website but essentially it boils down to the following for eligibility:

  1. You have to be a resident of NSW,
  2. You’ve been eligible for the Federal Government’s Family Tax Benefit A or B at any time during the financial year and received a relevant payment,
  3. You have an electricity account under your name at your place of residence.

There’s also extra assistance available if you’re available for the Low Income Household Rebate up to a combined maximum of $250.

Anyway, it’s worth a read and applying if you meet the criteria. However, if you don’t have kids then the smartest approach to reducing your power bill will be replacing those energy guzzling devices with more efficient ones (the big hitters are likely to be old fridges, washing machines and clothes dryers along with small heaters).

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