Dealing with the End of Car Registration Stickers

Well, the registration on the Prius is due for renewal in roughly a month and the process itself isn’t very difficult to complete particularly for vehicles under four years old as there is no need for a pink slip. However, at the start of this year the humble registration sticker was abolished by the NSW Government leaving you with just a slip of paper which can be easily lost.

This can be problematic if you’ve been using the sticker as your point of reference during the year before your registration renewal letter arrives in the snail mail. You could also stash the letter in the car but that might not always be the most convenient place if it isn’t always nearby.

As a rule of thumb, I try not to carry paper around with me where necessary so this year I am going to pop the details into a tab in my OneNote Notebook saved up on SkyDrive Pro (part of Office 365). This way, I’ve got access to the information at home, at work and on the go on my Lumia 920, Surface RT and Nexus 7.

Bit by bit I am trying to do away with paper reminders where possible (stuff like bills where I can now add a scheduled reminder within Outlook) so this will help me to organise other random pieces of important information that I need to track but may not require very often.

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