Keeping Track of Due Electronic Bills

Here’s a quick tip.

I’m a big fan of paperless billing but one thing it did disrupt was my filing system where I would put bills in order on my desk and pay them as they fell due. Since these were in my e-mail (and printing them out sort of defeated the purposed of going paperless) sometimes I forgot to pay the bill on time (oops).

However, if you use Office 365 which includes an Exchange e-mail account you can set yourself a reminder on the e-mail containing your bill so that it will prompt you when it is time to fork out your cash. You can even set a time for the reminder to popup on your computer which is very handy. At least in my instance, I will get reminders on my home and work computers but unfortunately not on my Windows Phone.

You can’t do this with a standard Hotmail/ e-mail account nor can you do it with Gmail unless you use an add-on so it is definitely a value add for Office 365 users which should not be overlooked.

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