Incoming Gadget – Samsung Galaxy Express

Another quick update.

I had an unexpected acquisition last week when Samsung visited my workplace and, to cut a long story short, I managed to score myself a Samsung Galaxy Express in a competition. It’s not from the top shelf of the Galaxy range where you would find the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note II but is more of a mid-range device designed to suit those looking for more affordable plans or outright purchases.

Anyway, this is ideal for me as it will replace my ancient Samsung Galaxy S (the original one) which I will flog off on the cheap as part of my self-enforced “one device in, one device out” policy. It’s also ideal for me as it is a Bluetooth Smart Ready device which means it will sync with my Fitbit One over Bluetooth and will be compatible with my Pebble watch.

Of course, this means an unboxing video so stay tuned!

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