Another Fitbit App for Windows Phone 8

A while ago I recommended Fitbit Companion as my app of choice on Windows Phone 8 if you’re a Fitbit user and, at the time, it was the best app available for the platform in the absence of an official app. Unfortunately, the lack of official app has not been addressed by Fitbit but there is now an app that is perhaps as close to the real thing.

Fitbit Tracker still adheres to the Metro design language but manages to incorporate it with the myriad of stats you find when using the Fitbit service. If you’re using the new dashboard on the Fitbit website then you should definitely see the similarities. The only real downer is that you still cannot get your Fitbit One to sync wirelessly via your Windows Phone 8 handset so you’re still going to need an iOS or compatible Android device to fill that gap or take the Fitbit base station with you wherever you go to plug into an available computer.

Anyway, check it out as it costs nothing to download but I reckon it might just get you to switch apps.

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