Download Razer Surround for Free

Here’s a quick tip.

If you’re looking to improve your headphone experience on your PC without shelling out for a new set of cans then you might want to give this a shot.

Razer is offering its Razer Surround product for free (normally US$19.99) which emulates 7.1 channel audio using standard stereo headphones. Of course, emulation is usually not the same having the real thing and some may question the actual benefit of attempting to shoehorn 7.1 audio in a pair of headphones but I am sure there are people out there that will love it.

However, in lieu of payment to Razer, they are inviting people to make a donation to Child’s Play which is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children who may be in hospital for extended periods through gifts of books, toys and video games amongst other things. You can donate as much as you like or choose not to donate at all but I reckon it might make you a little warm and fuzzy inside to help cheer up a young person. At the very least you can help spread the word about their cause.

Anyway, it might worth checking out and, if you like the product, you can go back and donate as you see fit for it.

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