Fitbit – Lost and Found

Well, somewhere at work, I believed I had dropped my Fitbit One. Certainly not the first time I had lost a Fitbit – I had lost my first Fitbit in the gym but managed to find it lodged in the gap between the treadmill belt and its sidestep.

On this occasion I hadn’t made it to the gym so it wasn’t worth looking in there but I thought I would give the advice gathered in this past article a go in order to locate it. I was able to remember where I went during yesterday until I realised it was missing so unless someone had swiped it I was confident I could find it.

Using my wife’s iPod Touch connected via Wi-Fi to my Lumia 920, I fired up both the BTLExplorer and Fitbit apps as I figured if one of them wouldn’t do the trick at least I had the other to back me up. I retraced my steps from yesterday whilst switching between the apps – my initial efforts returned nothing but I had a lot of the work campus still to cover.

Anyway, after coming back from my desk and heading down a floor I had noticed that the Fitbit app had managed to pair with my Fitbit. whilst BTLExplorer hadn’t detected anything (perhaps because the iPod Touch has a less power Bluetooth radio in it compared to the iPhone or I was walking too fast). I walked back slowly from downstairs looking around carefully to see if I could spot it but sadly no luck. I flicked back to the Fitbit app and figured that the Fitbit will automatically sync when I am in range which would at least give me an idea where it lay.

Then I remember that the Fitbit One has its silent alarm feature.

Using the Fitbit app, I set an alarm once a minute for the next three minutes. I figured those would sync over and at least give me an audible clue as to where it was but having not used that function before I was “flying deaf”. I assumed it’d make a buzzing sort of noise once activated similar to that of a smartphone set to vibrate mode. I walked back slowly towards my desk back through the kitchen when I saw the Fitbit app sync which was a pleasing sign. Shortly after, I heard a buzzing noise nearby and followed it and found it on a nearby desk.


Even though that others have used these apps to find their Fitbit I was glad that I could use them myself to locate my own Fitbit which was lost and turn a positive result. It was certainly a great exercise to physically validate the process.

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