Incoming Gadget – Apple iPad Mini

My wife has had some issues with her iPhone 4S lately when playing music in the car with the volume randomly turning itself down. Obviously, this is counterproductive to listening to music and so we had to find a solution.

Unfortunately, Apple was unable to replace the device as the moisture indicator had been activated in the dock connector port. This was disappointing given that her iPhone is kept well away from liquids as has been the case with her iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Anyway, I have fetched an Apple iPad mini for her as Christmas present and have been allowed to unbox it for your viewing pleasure. This was fair enough given that I had also picked up my own tablet in the form of Microsoft’s Surface which is a gift for my birthday, Christmas and graduation. I also picked up a Smart Cover in dark grey to keep the screen safe until we can get a permanent screen protector fitted.

Stay tuned!

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