Panasonic NR-BY552XSAU Inverter Fridge – Installation

Last Friday, I finally took delivery of a brand new Panasonic NR-BY552XSAU inverter fridge after having knocked back delivery the Friday prior due to a clash in timing. Yesterday, my wife and I actually got around to installing and replacing the existing fridge which took about three hours all up.

The process from start to finish was:

  • bringing in the new fridge out the garage, around to the front door and down the stairs (the fridge in the box was just a little too large to come through the side door from the garage and was a minor squeeze through the front door),
  • unboxing the fridge (this was tricky given limited ceiling space – you can laugh at me in the unboxing video though after I made a completely incorrect assumption),
  • shuffling the old fridge out of the way and putting the new fridge in its place,
  • running both fridges whilst transferring the contents,
  • unplug old fridge and remove the shelves and trays for washing,
  • take old fridge back up stairs and into the garage directly through the side door,
  • tape up and package the old fridge for removal (whenever that ends up being),
  • general clean up.

I am sure we will feel a little sore tomorrow after the great workout maneuvering an 88kg fridge around and down a staircase but it is now done. I’ve also got a power meter on the new fridge to see what its power consumption looks like after a typical week and will compare that with the old fridge.

I have to say that we really like the extra space in the new fridge with about one hundred litres more space overall but we will see how it goes.

Stay tuned for the unboxing and preview vidoes!

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