Google Analytics for Android

If you’re into statistics like myself then you might love Google Analytics if you also have a website. Being able to track visitors, pageviews, bounce rates and a huge array of other data can be invaluable in tailoring the content and layout to your audience. It’s been a wonder though that you’ve not been able to use Google Analytics on Android devices in the form of an app.

It’s still fairly recent that Google removed the requirement for Adobe Flash to view stats in Google Analytics ultimately paving the way for any modern and standards compliant browser on the desktop and even on tablets and smartphones although the last two device types can struggle if there is a lot going on the page.

Anyway, this week Google has released a native app for Android so you can view all of your favourite stats, automatic alerts, custom alerts and some basic real-time stats (active visitors, top active pages and top referrals). You can also view and switch between multiple sites if you have them associated to your Google account and have your preferences saved for each. It’s not a bad app if you’re itching to know how your website is going while on the go.

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