Free eBook – Introducing Windows Server 2012

Just a quick one for today.

For those interested in the server side of Windows then you might want to pick up free digital copy of Introducing Windows Server 2012 here. It’s a leisurely 256 pages spanning five chapters, entitled:

  • The business need for Windows Server 2012,
  • Foundation for building your private cloud,
  • Highly available, easy-to-manage multi-server platform,
  • Deploy web applications on premises and in the cloud,
  • Enabling the modern workstyle.

With cloud services becoming more popular and the desire from businesses to offer private cloud solutions with security and control in mind it isn’t surprising that Windows Server 2012 is offering the choice of on premises, cloud and hybrid setups. Even if you aren’t a hardcore server person it might be worth flicking through anyway to see where the server side of things is going.

This book is available in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats so if you don’t know which one you need or want just download them all and give them all a shot 🙂

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