Spotify Arrives Down Under

This is already old news but I thought I’d write briefly about the arrival of Spotify in Australia yesterday.

I did use this service myself a while ago by getting around the regional lockout but after some time it didn’t work properly. Now that the service is now available I am now turning off the automatic renewal on my Zune Pass and will be using Spotify in its place.

The main catalyst for me to make this move was my Samsung Omnia 7 deciding to suffer from corrupted memory one too many times forcing me to fall back to my old Samsung Galaxy S which is incompatible with the Zune Pass given that it is an Android handset. I was very keen to get a Nokia Lumia 900 but with the lack of information regarding an upgrade from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 (which in my mind says that there will be no such upgrade at all for this flagship handset or any other existing handet) I am now leaning towards getting a Samsung Galaxy S III.

Essentially, moving to Spotify gives me the choice of any major mobile and desktop platform without being locked in to any given one or locked out of my content. Plus, Spotify seems to sport a much larger catalogue than that  sported by the Zune service.

Don’t get me wrong, I really loved Zune, Zune Pass and the integration with Windows Phone but I reckon Spotify has the better deal at the moment for me.


    • TheAtomicCrusher on May 23, 2012 at 23:57
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    One thing everyone needs to understand about this service is that it is not a fair solution for the people who create the content.

    1. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how this affects the record industry. It also reminds me of this infographic @

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