Draw Something

I thought I’d share my experience with a simple game for iOS that has started to chew up a lot of my time – namely “Draw Something”.

The premise of the game is simple, you have to select one of three words to draw (varying in difficulty), draw it and have your game partner guess what you have drawn. Switch positions and repeat. For something you’d think would only keep children occupied doodling on the screen it is strangely addictive for adults as well. I might go as far as saying it might get you in touch with your creative side.


Draw Something - Bad Words

Draw Something - Bad Words

At least there was no way of getting that word wrong…

Anyway, give it a try – there’s a free version in the iOS App Store to try out which has a limited dictionary of words while the paid version has a much wider variety available (including “pee” which I regretfully chose).

Oh well, a bit of toilet humour never hurt anyone, I don’t think.

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