BitLocker and iPods – Will They Blend?

Leading on from yesterday’s article about BitLocker and the unfortunate situation that Mac OS X users find themselves in when BitLocker to Go is enforced at work when using USB devices we should also consider one popular USB device, the iPod.

It may be a lesser known fact that iPods will use either HFS+ or FAT32 for its file system (depending on if you use it with a Mac or Windows computer) but these days the default is set to FAT32 given that Windows PCs far outnumber Macs and Windows PCs can’t usually read HFS+ volumes.

So what does this mean for “BitLocker to Go” enforced policies at work?

Well, for starters BitLocker can’t be enforced on iPods as BitLocker relies on NTFS to work. However, let’s just suppose you could encrypt an iPod’s internal drive the iPod itself wouldn’t be able to decrypt it which would render it completely useless (as it’d never be able to boot up). The same would also go for Android smartphones that tend to use Ext4 – a file system that is popular amongst the various Linux flavours out there.

Anyway, your mileage may vary when trying to use iPods and smartphones with your Windows computer that is attempting to force BitLocker to Go on USB devices so be prepared for them to not work at all to avoid disappointment.

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